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Is 52 yrs Old Too Late To Start?

Name:  Ed McCloskey Age:  52 Occupation:  Respiratory Therapist, Penn Medicine How long have you been training with Philly Phitness:   I am starting my 6th month of a 9 month training program.  What made you reach out to Philly Phitness?  I initially reached out to...

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How Strength Training Helped Kensho’s Career

Name: Kensho Watanabe Age: 30 Occupation: Conductor, (not of trains). Total Time w/ Philly Phitness: 6 months  What made you reach out to Philly Phitness?  Conducting involves the physicalization of sound: my body has to be the vessel through which the music...

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Success Story: How Susie Lost 80 Pounds

Name: Susie Age: 28 Home: Collingswood Starting weight: 235 Current weight: 155 Total time it took to lose the weight: 11 months My weight-loss wakeup call: I was waking up in the morning feeling like I hadn’t slept at all. When I talked to my husband about it,...

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