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Our goal is to connect highly motivated clients, hint: THAT’S YOU, with fitness professionals/entrepreneurs in an ideal environment that acts as a catalysts for transformation.

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Honeygrow – The Re-Visit – Philly Phitness

hg: what does “wellness” mean to you and how do you incorporate that into Philly Phitness + your everyday life? perry: I think the biggest aspect of wellness is balance. A lot of times in my industry “wellness” is portrayed...

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WTF is Self Discovery

Self Discovery “In order to discover you must be willing to look” This was my first time stepping into my childhood house in about 5 years… While there are a plethora of reasons why I waited so long between visits...

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WTF is Movement: You Don’t Know SQUAT

“Squats are a perfect analogy for life. It is about standing back up after something heavy takes you down.” Since the beginning of internet gurus, fitness coaches – coaching from their couch, and the kardashians , people have been arguing about...

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