Our Services

Weight Loss Transformation

1 trainer, 1 client, countless results. Let's be honest...We aren't going to lie to you, we do not have a magic workout or secret diet tip to help you lose weight. We use proven methods that are safe and effective and we combine these with what we think matters the MOST...Accountability. Our system and approach to weight loss will ensure you have support every step of the way to make sure you overcome every obstacle that comes up in your life that tries to knock you off the path to success.


Healthy nutritional choices are paramount in becoming a healthier version of yourself. We work with every client to ensure they are educated in proper food choices to give them the best chance at success. We are partnered with chefs and nutritionist to be able to design healthy, well-balanced, and TASTY meals for you to eat your way to success!


Goals Program

Don't need to lose weight!? But you want to get stronger, prepare for a marathon, recover from an injury, or just learn how to lift properly? Our Goals Program is just for you - we will design a customized program that takes you from Point A to Point B in the fastest, safest way possible - no matter what the goal is!

WTF Seminars

We love talking about fitness and sharing our philosophy with the world. Join our FREE FB group to help support you so you can stop saying 'WTF' when it comes to fitness... and you can learn from our educational classes, get support and accountability, and have all of your questions answered! Online courses can range from training styles and techniques, nutrition, mindset, recovery, and anything else that needs to be covered!