Our Services

Personal Training

1 client, countless results. Strip away all the fancy names and titles...our 1-1 personal training focuses on strength and conditioning, nutritional guidance and accountability.

Here is what you have access to (based on your needs)

A PERSONAL TRAINER helping you with your strength and conditioning.

A NUTRITION COACH helping you with learning what to eat, how to prepare it, and how to find balance.

An ACCOUNTABILITY COACH helping you stay on track and making sure life doesn't get in the way and derail your progress.

Let's be honest...there is a reason we are the largest personal training studio in the city! We are dedicated to our clients and having a personal relationship with everyone - this isn't just another bootcamp style gym!

Our approach has been refined through our 30,000+ hours of experience with working with 100's of clients. We've noticed many patterns - whether it is the 40 year old woman who has Yo-Yo'd all her life and feels like shes truly a lost cause and out of touch with how to regain control of her weight... or ... the 50 year old businessman who just got diagnosed with Type II diabetes and realizes he's no longer invincible... to ... the 33 year old who just experience their first 10 years post college and realize they feel like sh%t and are worried without change, they are doomed to be another statistic...

We know what you're going through and we know how to help your through it!

We want to change your life...not just do a 'quick-fix' that ultimately leaves you off worse than you started.


KTL: Kettlebell Training LIVE

Here's our newest way to help people - and I am STOKED about it.

Inside of our private community, we post a LIVE Kettlebell Workout that you can do from home, the gym, or wherever you want!

During the video we give you advice on form, technique, programming, and motivation!

Have questions? No problem...we answer LITERALLY everything that is asked in the group.

Why do we have this?

Well... three reasons.

1. Philly Phitness is almost full!
2. Not everyone can afford personal training
3. Even if you do our personal training, let's say 2 or 3x a week...what the heck do you do on the other days!?

So, KTL is designed to be a great way to get started and always have a great workout at the tips of your fingers without the stress of going to the gym or having to figure out what is the right workout to do.

All the workouts are designed to progress you week after week so you can continuously see results and learn new exercises.

Plus - it can be done from your house.. I stream it from my living room! Not even my gym :) Just so you can really see it can be done from anywhere.

Now, if you are totally new to kettlebells - that's perfect! You'll just need 1 or 2 to get started - and then just learn with the progressed workouts!

The best part... it's only about $1/day....and you can cancel whenever you want.....

Seriously...it's pretty awesome!