Our Services

Online Accountability + Coaching

An 8 week program helping clients, who can not come directly into our studio, regain control of their health. This program includes nutritional coaching, accountability, and support with fitness routines and is designed to be done from a distance but match the results that our clients get when they work with us in person, but at a fraction of the cost.

Personal Training

1 client, 1 trainer, countless results. Strip away all the fancy names and titles...our 1-1 personal training focuses on you and your goals 100% of the time.

Our approach has been refined through our 30,000+ hours of experience with working with 100's of clients. We've noticed many patterns - whether it is the 40 year old woman who has Yo-Yo'd all her life and feels like shes truly a lost cause and out of touch with how to regain control of her weight... or ... the 50 year old businessman who just got diagnosed with Type II diabetes and realizes he's no longer invincible... to ... the 33 year old who just experience their first 10 years post college and realize they feel like sh%t and are worried without change they are doomed to be another statistic...

Through this experience we know the best approach is to truly get to know you and the circumstances that brought you to us and then customize our support around your needs.

At the end of the day, we want to change your life...not just do a 'quick-fix' that ultimately leaves you off worse than you started.


Weight Loss Transformation

This program takes our personal training to the next level because it is specially designed for people with a #1 goal of Weight Loss. On top of the personal training sessions we assign you a nutrition and accountability coach to work with you 1-1 (along side your trainer) to triple the amount of support you have during your transformation.

We've had several clients lose over 50lbs on this program and then sustain the weight loss on their own afterwards. This is because we put a strong emphasis on educating you and giving you the right tools to be able to have a control of your health for the rest of your life - instead of only when you are with us!

Kettlebell Group Training

We now have a 2nd location called KTL - right in Fairmount. Where we are offering group kettlebell training! Whether you just want to supplement your personal training or go full ham - this place merges all the benefits of personal training and group training.