Our Philosophy / Reviews

Philly Phitness is more than a gym,
it's a network.

We are dedicated to providing the ideal environment for you to truly transform and take yourself to the NEXT level. We do this by connecting you with fitpreneurs who are dedicated to their brand, reputation, quality of service and have a single goal: Help you reach YOUR goal.

Every journey starts with the first step

Often times we know where we WANT to go but we are paralyzed by not knowing which direction belongs to our first step. Rest assured, contacting us is not only the right first step but we will point you in the best direction!

We pride ourselves in doing what is in YOUR best interest. If we can’t help you, chances are we know who can – and if not - we will find them FOR you! Our goal is not to simply provide personal trainer, rather, we wish to become the hub for ALL that is fitness!

If we CAN help you – boy, are you in luck! – Our environment is quite unique. With 3,000 sqft spread over 3 floors and 6 private training areas all of our sessions remain personal and private – the way it SHOULD be! No longer do you have to cram next to other clients or ‘members’ – you are paying for privacy and our full attention – and that is what you will receive – 100%!

Strength Training Methods

We tailor all of our strength training programs specifically to each clients’ goals, physical requirements, and biomechanical imbalances. We have many different methods but here is a ‘short’ list of some of them:

  • Basic Strength Training
  • Functional Training – based on movements found in life
  • FIST – Functional Integrated Strength Training
  • Circuit Training – Training through various time intervals
  • HIIT Training – High Intensity Interval Training
  • SPARQ – Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, and Quickness Training
  • Sports Specific Functional Training – based on specific movements found in sports
  • Balance Training – increase balance
  • Speed / Plyometric Training – increase speed and explosive power
  • Isometric / Eccentric Training – various methods to increase strength
  • SHIFT – Plyometric, Strength, Balance
  • Load / Unload – combination of all methods above
  • Dynamic Warm ups
  • Volume Training – Focus on maximum output / performance

Trust us – We have seen it all – and we can relate to any situation you have found yourself in. We are here to help you just as we have helped so many already.

What are you waiting for?


Since opening, Philly Phitness has conducted over 15,000 sessions! Between these sessions and our collective experiences we have been able to help a wide array of:


  • Elderly clients
  • Professional Athletes (Football, MMA, Baseball, etc)
  • TV Personalities
  • ‘Desk Jobbers’
  • High Executives of Fortune 500 Companies
  • Entrepreneurs / Business Owners
  • Students
  • Professional Musicians
  • Cancer Survivors


  • Major weight loss (75+lbs)
  • Sport Injury Recovery
  • Wedding preperartion
  • Sporting Event preparation
  • Surgery recovery (Breast Implants, Chemo, Bone Repair, etc)
  • Race Prep (Spartan, Tough Mudder, Ironman, Marathon, 5k, etc)
  • Overall Health Improvement
  • Complete MIND-BODY-LIFE Transformation
  • The list goes on!



Nutritional Guidance

Proper nutrition is paramount to a healthy lifestyle. We believe by eating natural, well-balanced, TASTY meals a person can drastically change their health. By partnering with nutritionists, chefs, and using multiple apps, we are able to constantly check up on clients to ensure they are making wise choices, do not have any questions, and are on the right track for success.