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WTF is Self Discovery

Self Discovery

“In order to discover you must be willing to look”

This was my first time stepping into my childhood house in about 5 years… While there are a plethora of reasons why I waited so long between visits there are also reasons for why I decided to venture home. None of these are the point of this post.

Instead – I wanted to share a moment that was not planned for – that was hidden behind thoughts, reasons, and perceptions…. Something that revealed itself only when the timing was right and I had chosen to take a leap of faith and step along an unknown path.

While driving around my neighborhood I wanted to see my old stomping grounds – Lake Arcadia.

Here, as a kid, I spent hours upon hours, jumping out of trees, making rope swings, building platforms, getting hurt and just being a kid without a care or worry in the world – which for me…at that time…couldn’t have been further from the truth.

– This was my escape –

I had forgotten about it. Sure I knew how to get there. But I forgot the feeling. The ease. The cool crisp fresh air. The reflection off the lake. The feeling when you climb up a tree and know the water isn’t deep enough. How you forget everything in the world as you jump.

I had forgotten the sensation of being free.

While looking around – I came across my tree. I call it mine… Because I built the platforms that, still, go all the way up the tree….

All of a sudden I remembered building them. The struggle to carry nails a hammer and wood 30′ up a tree to make it – for some reason – easier to jump out of. I remembered the feeling of childish joy.

I felt like I was a kid again.

“Travel down the path unknown – not for the mysterious destination – but for the wonderful discoveries along the way – for they are a reflection of self.”