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How Dawn Lost 50lbs In 8 Months

 Dawn Seiders
The Woman, The Myth, The Nicest Person You’ll Meet!

How Dawn lost 50lbs in 8 months!


Perry: What made you reach out to Philly Phitness?

Dawn:   I was approaching my 39th birthday at my highest weight ever.  I had lost weight in the past, but could never maintain.  The weight always crept back on, and it’s true what they say that when the weight comes back, it comes back PLUS some.  I felt like a lost cause, but desperately wanted to do something to try to improve my health.  It was unpleasant feeling winded during the short walk to work or walking up a flight of stairs…  Not to mention that I was feeling emotionally fragile due to a recent breakup.

Perry: How did things go in the beginning?  

Dawn: Well, I should point out that I felt sore after that initial strength assessment!!!  My first session was May 2nd, that hour went by quickly but oh my gosh – I have never felt such muscle fatigue in all my life!  I felt like I was going to roll down the stairs as I left and my arms were uncontrollably shaking when I was trying to order dinner at HoneyGrow right afterwards!

Perry: Did you see weight loss right away?

Dawn: That took some time.  My weight was fluctuating up and down for over a month while working out and tracking.  Then, Perry suggested that I might benefit from the online coaching and accountability.  We set up some very realistic metrics to track, and that’s when weight loss began.  For perspective, I began this journey as someone who did not prepare any meals myself.  My favorite pastime was eating good food whether it was delivered by Caviar or eating out in restaurants.  One of the early metrics we tracked was the number times eating out per day.  My goal was to not exceed 28 times during the month of June…something I can’t even imagine doing now! but at the time…it was a challenge to think of only ordering food once a day!

Perry: What was the BIGGEST thing that ‘clicked’ for you?

Dawn: DEFINITELY has to be the eating component.  I love your analogy of how someone who struggles with money should not be gambling at the casino (to explain why someone who struggles with weight cannot consider eating to be their hobby) .  It all came together one weekend in the summer and I spent hours researching food prep and went out and bought a food scale. I never thought I’d give up my “past-time” of eating out, but with gentle instruction and empowerment, I saw what a difference it made to know exactly what I was putting into my body.

Perry: Where are you now along your journey?

Dawn:  When this journey began, it was an effort to lose weight and feel physically stronger.  However, the gains have been so much more!  Just like I had read on the website back in the Spring, I feel like I’m in control of my weight now and truly changed the trajectory of my health.  I feel more happy now thanks to an increased sense of freedom from having better stamina for all activities.  I feel more confident in general and more confident about maintaining this lifestyle in the future. I can actually have fun and go out with friends and family, but since my habits have changed, it’s not a disaster in terms of weight!   Last weigh-in was before Christmas and I was under a pound away from a goal I set of losing 50 poundsby the New Year.  I don’t plan on stopping there, so we’ll have to see what 2018 brings!!!

Perry: What do you believe is possible now?  What’s next!?

Dawn:  I have to say – You and Victor make me believe ANYTHING is possible!  This might sound a little corny, but I very much mean this:  I feel like I have my life back.  I’m very pleased with what I’ve accomplished but am also really excited to see how far we can go with this!!!   I want to keep working on being the best version of me I’ve ever known, especially for the big 4-0 coming up!!!!   The next frontier in terms of goal-setting is running.  I have never gotten into running though I always wanted to be someone who could enjoy it.  Well, It’s going to happen in 2018, because I’ve committed to a 10K in Paris in September!!!!  (of course, there will have to be some steps before then –  5K in a couple months, anyone?!)   [Gosh I never would have imagined myself saying that 7 months ago ;-]

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