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5 Uncommon Tips For Consistent, Steady Weight Loss

I hear a lot of people spouting off about RAPID WEIGHT LOSS.

And you know what?

A lot of that stuff works.

(Watch out for “the catch” though…)

Because the truth about those programs is they only work…

For a very brief period of time.

What happens is that you basically put yourself through an unsustainable workout program or diet, and drop some quick weight.


As soon as you go back to Real Life, you gain it all back.

I know a lot of people that have experienced this…

Which is why I am FAR more interested in consistent, steady weight loss.

A plan that works for your lifestyle, EVEN IF you are busy, and have struggled to stay consistent in the past.

So I wanted to share these 5 uncommon tactics for consistent, steady weight loss.

This is just a taste of the types of programs we design for our clients at Philly Phitness.

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Enjoy, and make sure you implement at least one of these so you can experience the same results our clients are seeing day in, day out.


#1: Photos on photos

Here’s the deal: FOOD JOURNALS SUCK.

If you like using one, more power to you, but for most people they are just way too time consuming.

The solution?

Share photos of EVERYTHING you eat.

I know, I know –

No one wants to be “that person.”

So for the sake of all of your friends on Facebook, create a shared album on your phone with a friend.  

This is SUPER easy to do, and more importantly:

It adds a level of accountability and awareness to what you eat.

You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll think twice before eating that handful of pretzels!


#2: Gamify that shiz

You know what’s fun?


Games are fun.

So why not turn your weight loss and fitness goals into a game?

It’s pretty simple: make a bet or challenge about a small and simple goal.

(That small and simple bit is important – don’t go overboard here)

This is a great thing to do with the friend that you are now sharing a photo album with (you DID implement step #1, right?)

Here’s an example of one I have used:

Whoever eats the healthiest each week picks a charity the other has to donate $20 to a charity of your choice – it’s a win win!

(And it will be easy to tell who ate the healthiest because you are sharing pictures of all of your meals.  To simplify this EVEN further, I am developing a simple approach to nutrition – something that gives you all the benefits of tracking your food and counting calories…but only takes about a minute each day.  Stay tuned for this…)


#3: Reward thyself

You ever hear that quote “too much of a good thing is wonderful?”

It’s a load of bull, and while you might feel good slamming food to the face when it happens…

It’s no fun when you realize how out of shape you’ve gotten (or get a terrible stomach ache later in the day…).


ANY food can be part of a healthy lifestyle, you just need to have some boundaries.

So – identify your biggest craving.

What is it?  Peanut butter cups, red wine, cracker jacks?

Now set some boundaries:

You can ONLY have it when you lose your first 5 pounds.

This gives you some built-in motivation for next time you have a craving – you KNOW you haven’t given it up forever, you just need to work for it.


#4: There is nothing in the world more powerful than small, consistent action

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and…

Neither are 6-packs and a flat, toned stomach.

One of the MAJOR mistakes a lot of people make is trying to break the world record for (insert exercise) on their 2nd day back to the gym.

I get it, and I LOVE the enthusiasm…

But it’s a recipe for disaster.

So instead of pretending to be the Chuck Norris we all love to joke about (or is that just me..?):

Start slow.

Small, consistent steps will get you bigger results than isolated intensity – every single time.

To do this:

Figure out what you can commit to doing, at least 5 days out of the week.

Here are a few examples:

> Getting to 10,000 steps in a day

> Going to a yoga class

> Doing a home workout routine

> Or EVEN just reading a book for 30 minutes

What this does is built the habit of creating YOU TIME.

And as that new practice becomes second nature, you can easily add to it and change what you are doing to burn more calories.


#5: Have some FUN!

Don’t look at me like that…

I know – DURING the workout, healthy salad, or run you might not be having the time of your life.

And yeah, you might be dreaming hard about Shake Shack.  🙂

But this amazing “science thing” happens when you workout.

Those lovely endorphins that kick in after a workout to clear your head, and make you feel good.

So make sure you are actually experiencing that “after glow”, and that you FEEL GOOD about your decision to workout, and the willpower it took to make it happen.

If you don’t feel any sense of pride, accomplishment, and joy – switch things up.

Because the truth is, without that good feeling, the habit won’t last.


One last thing:

NONE of this will work if you don’t try it – actually pick a couple of these things and DO THEM.

The hardest step is often the first one, which is why a lot of these steps are very easy to take.

Once you start with one of them, you are on your way.

And if you commit to it, and do it, you will see results:

  • You will feel more confident
  • You will be in control of your life and your health…
  • And you will see your body transform as a result!

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