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WTF is Movement: You Don’t Know SQUAT

“Squats are a perfect analogy for life. It is about standing back up after something heavy takes you down.”

Since the beginning of internet gurus, fitness coaches – coaching from their couch, and the kardashians , people have been arguing about the proper way to squat.

In other words, do you bring your butt beneath your knees and do you let your knees travel past your toes?

Without getting into bio-mechanics and anatomy let us just take a look at it with a bit of common sense.

Having the ability to comfortably sit in a DEEP squat position is something that we all did as children – both as part of our developmental phase but also while we built bomb-ass lego sets and poked at dead animals in the woods (or was that just me?).

Now test yourself:

Keeping your heels on the ground, squat down as LOW as you can.

Are you able to comfortably rest?

Are you NOT holding your breath?

Are you not ‘holding’ the position?

Are you relaxed?

Can you stay here for 30 seconds? How about 60 seconds? How about 5 minutes!?

Chances are the answer to most of these, if not all, is NO.

So what does this mean? It means you LOST it. You LOST the ability to deep squat.  You LOST full range of motion. You LOST functionality in your body. And if you ask me…you LOST quality of life.

In my eyes – you need to be perfecting your bodyweight exercises before you strap on that weightbelt, toss on 300lbs on a squat bar,  pretend like you’re strong and attempt to do some limited version of a squat.

Does everyone agree with this? Of COURSE not.

Are there examples that I disagree with myself? Yes – but they are the exception, not the rule.

Stop being outperformed by toddlers…learn to squat properly.