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WTF do you workout for!?

“PLAY is the highest form of research”

Too often we are too serious. I think this is one of the largest limiting factors of the ‘fitness trend’.  I think people are becoming too serious about getting in shape, via workouts at the gym, and have lost the purpose of it all.

We spend 100’s if not 1000’s of hours on the treadmills, on the bench press, lifting barbells and dumbbells, perfecting our squats, fixing our lunges, trying to make our arms bigger, looking at the heavier weights as our next goal, looking towards the faster 5k,  all for what? So the next day we can be just as unhappy, or as some call it ”motivated”, to reach a new goal? I think this is pointless…

Should we workout? Yes.

Should we workout, in a gym? Yes.

Should we workout, to become better…at working out? NO.

We should workout, to become better… at living. PERIOD.

Workout to

Move better.

Garden without pain.

Crawl in the playground with your kids.

Hang from monkey bars… just because.

Hike around your dream vacation spots.

Prevent failing as an elderly person.

To better your life…not better your gym experience.

We live our lives like hamsters. We wake up. Go to work. Eat our food. Read advertisements. Go on Facebook. Workout (maybe). Eat more food. Buy something from advertisements. Sleep (maybe). Repeat.

Granted…I’m not sure a hamster’s life is this complicated – nor do I think they actually go to work or have hamster $$ to buy things… but you get the analogy..we are stuck on a hamster wheel…going around and around without an ounce of…


Without creativity, our lives simply become boring. I do handstands because it puts a smile on my face. I workout so I can rock climb, so I can hike, so I can jump off trees into water, I workout so I can be creative and impulsive with adventures.

I workout…so I can PLAY.

Ask yourself,

WTF do you workout for?