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What Type Of Client Are You!?

If I’m being honest, I’ve only ever trained 3 clients…

Now, this doesn’t mean our wall is full of fake signatures!

What I mean is that of the 1000’s of clients we have worked with – they all basically fall into 1 of 3 categories, or some combination – and you are NO different…

Here’s an easy checklist to see where you fall:

The Ex-Athlete

  • You played serious ball back in the good ol’ days.
  • Used to be able to eat WHATEVER you wanted, and never gained a pound.
  • Didn’t have to workout because you were ALWAYS active OR would only do workouts / exercise when forced to by a coach.
  • Current exercise consists of the occasional weekend kickball tournament or proving that you can still touch rim….
  • Any time you try to go to the gym, you overdo it, and feel like a train wreck, because your brain still thinks your body is indestructible!


The Professional Worker

  • Extremely disciplined, dedicated, and hardworking…when it comes to your career.
  • You feel responsible for other people at work and an act of disconnecting and focusing on yourself would be letting them down.
  • Everyone looks to you for the answers – so for once, you want someone to tell you what to do.
  • Your career IS your identity…you found your calling…so an absence of work creates a void of meaning and purpose.  Often showing up as anxiety.
  • Hobbies include excel, word, sitting in traffic, answering emails, and occasionally minesweeper.
  • You’ve been this way for so long, you’re not sure how to make a lifestyle change – without disappointing people.


The Dazed + Confused

  • You’ve never played sports, exercised, or really cared about what you ate before.
  • Walking into a gym is like walking into Narnia…overwhelming and sensory overload!
  • You’re really embarrassed by your lack of coordination and stamina.
  • Whenever you’ve tried to workout before – you get super dizzy and nauseous.
  • Feel it is ‘too late’ for you to change your lifestyle and see results.
  • You don’t want a drill sergeant…you want someone who can relate and slowly teach you what you need to do.
  • You need someone to believe in you…because you often don’t.


Why is this important!?!?

Because even if two people, in different categories, have the same goal – they need different approaches and methods to get those results.

Think of it this way….

If 2 people are trying to get to NYC – but one is in Boston and the other, DC….

Why would you give them both the same directions!?

Unfortunately this is what most gyms do…

They only focus on your GOAL instead of considering where you’re STARTING FROM.

At Philly Phitness we focus on fitting a program around YOU, all of you… not fitting you into our cookie cutter workout…

I mean…maybe I’m crazy….but isn’t that why they call it personal training!?

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