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The Cost of Being Lost

Secrets, Hacks, Shortcuts, Guru’s, Masterminds, Success Blueprints…you name it and there is a way or a person who knows how to do it better, faster, and easier than you!

Now, depending on how you react to this fact brings you down one of two paths.

The first path will lead you to making changes in your life, taking ownership, and navigating your way through a difficult journey that ultimately leads to happiness.

The second path will lead you in circles that slowly get smaller and smaller and smaller leaving you feeling trapped and helpless.

You can categorize these paths by the Hero’s journey and the Victim’s journey.

To walk the Hero’s path you see the secrets, hacks, shortcuts, guru’s, etc as Help.  They allow you to not reinvent the wheel and they are a catalyst for your growth.

You are always looking for ways to expedite your results, minimize your failures, maximize your return, and are always thirsty for knowledge and guidance along your self development.

But if you look at as “everyone has it together, what is wrong with me”, you will be travelling the Victim’s journey.  Instead of feeling uplifted and supported by all of those who have walked the path before you, you compare yourself to their situation and belittle your own progress.

This leaves you feeling inadequate, trapped, and even though you are surrounded by people who are willing to guide you and help you – you refuse to receive it, which allows you to perpetrate your ‘lack’ of progress.  Reinforcing your feelings of being a victim.

Now there are bridges between these paths.

Some people slip from the Hero’s journey and others rise above and leave the Victim’s.

And some…spend their whole life bouncing from one journey to the other, unsure of where to commit their energy.

This is the most dangerous place to be.

If you are in the Hero’s journey you can learn the tools to overcome obstacles, you have support and guidance, and you build confidence as you begin to see results.

Even the Victim’s journey can eventually lead you to a dark place where you are so fed up with your current situation it catapults you to the Hero’s journey.

But if you are stuck on the bridge – you do not get to enjoy the results of the hero’s journey and you do not truly get trapped by the victim’s journey….

In other words, they begin to look the same!

It’s like being stuck on a foggy bridge where you can’t remember which way you came from but you can’t see the end of the bridge on either side… you easily become paralyzed by fear and simply stay put, not trusting any decision or direction.

This is being lost.

Now there is only 1 way to get out of this situation.

You have to make a choice.

You need to commit to one direction.

You need to discover if you are on the Victim’s journey or the Hero’s.

Because in the long haul, if you make the wrong choice – it does not matter, because you can easily adjust and get back on the right path.

Now to get out of the metaphor – this is like being afraid to hire another coach, or try a workout program, or to work with someone on nutrition…

Being on the bridge is like doing the SAME thing over and over again, knowing it hasn’t worked for you in the past, but maybe this time it will.

You’re stuck in a loop, believe it or not, of comfort.

Because though the world you are in, isn’t what you DESIRE, it is what you KNOW.

So the only way out of that cycle is to make a commitment to change – in some way or another.

Drastically change your workout routine.

Drastically change your nutrition habits.

Drastically change your morning routine.

Drastically change your social interactions.

Drastically change your ____________________.

Because if you keep doing what you’re doing – you’ll be in the same place (most likely worse) down the road…and all you will have accomplished is wasting time, which is the true cost of being lost!

Wasted time.

Life is too short – take it from someone who almost died on a simple commute home from work (a car bumper fell off and I hit it going 70 mph on my motorcycle!…but that’s a story for another time)

We never know when life is going to end….so don’t put things off.

Live life to it’s FULLEST.

Be happy.

Be healthy.

Be your best!

Not just for you, but for all of those around you.

Be a motivation to others.

Be a inspiration to others.

Be a role model for others.

There are two path’s…and which one we are on is in our own hands.

Choose to see it as help.

Choose to see it as a catalyst.

Choose to make a choice!

Take a chance….

You deserve it 🙂