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Is 52 yrs Old Too Late To Start?

Name:  Ed McCloskey

Age:  52

Occupation:  Respiratory Therapist, Penn Medicine

How long have you been training with Philly Phitness:   I am starting my 6th month of a 9 month training program. 

What made you reach out to Philly Phitness?  I initially reached out to Philly Phitness after watching Perry O’Hearn provide a tour of the gym on Facebook.  After researching Philly Phitness and learning about Perry’s philosophy, I had to go and check out Philly Phitness. The more I read and watched Perry’s posts on Facebook, the more I was drawn to Philly Phitness.  His posts are motivational, uplifting, real, and inspiring.  Perry talks about everyday life struggles and even shares his own life experiences that changed his life. Even though I had never met Perry, I felt like I had known him a long time. I knew then this would be the place for me! An environment where you would not be judged but would be supported to succeed in this journey.

What was the first thing that changed for you once you started training at Philly Phitness?  Initially, I was very nervous about starting an exercise program and working out with a trainer one on one. I was worried about failing and being judged.  The first thing that changed for me was not only my physical appearance but my outlook on exercise.  Perry had set me up with a amazing trainer, Sean, who provided me with the knowledge and tools I needed to succeed. Knowing that I had someone to guide me during workouts,  Sean provided me with the encouragement I needed. From the relaxed atmosphere, to the discussions about proper techniques of weightlifting and exercise, the discussions about nutrition and my eating habits, and providing me with a consistent positive atmosphere which led to my success.

Did you have a moment where things started to ‘click’? If so, what was it?  Sean was extremely patient with me. I was not the most coordinate person, but he never became frustrated. Once I became familiar with different exercises, I gained more confidence each week. This helped to motivate me and made me excited about our next training session.

Did you have any obstacles that got in your way that made you want to derail from training? What kept you motivated?         We all have obstacles in life that get in our way and attempt to derail our goals.  What kept me motivated was knowing that if I had a bad day at work, I had someone there to keep my mind focused on my goals and exercise plan. That it is okay to have a bad day and maybe cheat with an unhealthy food for that day. I believe my consistency with this exercise program, positive and motivational atmosphere, led to a healthy mind set. This was key to my success.

What have been some of the biggest changes you’ve seen and how has it impacted your (current and future) life?  To date, I have lost 25 pounds in this journey.  I’ve learned there are some days I might not be motivated to workout but as long as I keep my goals in site, they are attainable for me.  Before I started this program at Philly Phitness, I was stuck, in a rut and not motivated. With the help of Philly Phitness my outlook has definitely changed!

If you could give advice to someone reading this and thinking about working with Philly Phitness what would it be?   The advice I would give to someone is to “Make the Move with Philly Phitness!”  A professional, caring, supportive group of people who are committed to the success of their clients.