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BeWellPhilly Featured Article – Bad Workout Habits

Check out the two segments from our team featured in the Be Well Philly Article – Worst Workout Habits!!


Holly Waters, owner of Fitness Alive 

“Negativity, in my opinion, is the worst workout habit. Saying ‘I can’t,’ shaking of the head and talking down to yourself work against a workout that is supposed to be healthy, happy and positive. The more we try, work hard and think positively about our abilities, the more we succeed and enjoy our workouts, as we should.”

Perry O’Hearn, owner of Philly Phitness

“The worst workout habit I have seen over the years is when people use a workout as their main stress reliever, or ‘therapy.’ This practice leads to overtraining and not taking adequate rest, which always results in an injury over time. This injury will take away their vice and leave them in a very vulnerable state with excess stress. In this state, people will either push through the injury, exacerbating it, or rest and become overwhelmed with stress, and often end up getting depressed. By not utilizing any other means of stress relief — whether it be meditation, yoga, self-reflection, mindset practices, watching a movie, reading a book, you name it — they are left with only one option: working out and adding MORE stress to their body. By adding alternative stress relievers into a routine, an individual can continue to reach their goals — often quicker and with less risk of injury!”